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Master Hiragana Chart in London

Our Hiragana Chart is an essential tool for any student learning Japanese. Hiragana is one of the three Japanese writing systems, and our comprehensive chart will help you master it quickly and easily. If you’re also interested in learning Katakana, check out our Katakana Chart course. 

With both the Hiragana and Katakana writing systems under your belt, you’ll have a solid foundation for learning Japanese. Join Learn Japanese London and take your Japanese language skills to the next level!

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objectives of the workshop

  • Introduction to the Japanese language: Our Hiragana Chart class is designed for beginners who want to learn the basics of the Japanese language.
  • Reading, writing, and pronouncing Hiragana characters: You’ll learn how to read and write the 46 basic Hiragana characters, as well as how to pronounce them correctly.
  • Understanding basic Japanese phrases: You’ll practice reading and writing basic Japanese phrases, building your vocabulary and comprehension.
  • Engaging and supportive learning environment: Our experienced tutors create a fun and interactive learning environment that encourages participation and makes language learning enjoyable.
  • Regular practice and feedback: You’ll have plenty of opportunities to practice your skills, with regular feedback from our tutors to help you improve.
  • Solid foundation for further learning: By the end of the class, you’ll have a solid foundation in reading, writing, and pronouncing Hiragana characters, as well as basic Japanese vocabulary. This will give you a great start for further language learning.

requirements to join the workshop

  • No prior experience required: Our Hiragana Chart class is open to beginners with no prior experience in the Japanese language. We welcome anyone who is interested in learning.
  • Suitable for all ages: Our classes are suitable for students of all ages, from children to adults.
  • Basic computer skills required: You’ll need access to a computer and the internet to participate in our online classes.
  • Enthusiasm for learning: All you need is a willingness to learn and an interest in the Japanese language!
  • Learn Japanese London reserves the right to withdraw or alter this course. Any participants will receive a full refund in the event that the course does not run.

cancellation policy

Please, read carefully our cancellation policy:

  • You can cancel any private tuition or course up to 14 days upon purchase.
  • Cancellations for any private tuition or course have to be done 14 days before start date.
For example, if you buy a course on the 1st of July you will be able to cancel it by the 14th of July. However, do not forget that your private tuition or course has to be cancelled 14 days in advance to the start date.

students say...

Amazing workshop! I learned Hiragana literally in 3 hours. It was really fun and I will definitely give a go to Katakana workshop!
sonıa vıvo
graphıc desıgner
Excellent teacher. Thorougly prepared and punctual. She took care of every single attendant and provided valuable information about Japan and Japanese culture. I can't wait to proceed with Beginner coiurse.
Matthew morıshıma
fashıon Stylıst