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Learn katakana chart

Our Katakana Chart is an essential tool for any student learning Japanese. Katakana is one of the three Japanese writing systems, and our comprehensive chart will help you master it quickly and easily. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced student, our Katakana Chart will provide you with everything you need to know about the katakana writing system. 

If you haven’t already, we recommend you start with our Hiragana Chart course, which covers the other Japanese writing system. Join Learn Japanese London and improve your Japanese language skills today!

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objectives of the course

  1. Introduction to Katakana and Its Uses:
  • Overview of the Japanese writing system and katakana’s role in it
  • Differences between hiragana and katakana characters
  • Pronunciation of katakana characters
  1. Basic Katakana Characters and Stroke Order:
  • Learning the 46 basic katakana characters and their stroke order
  • Pronunciation practice of each character
  • Writing practice of each character
  1. Extended Katakana Characters and Usage:
  • Learning the extended katakana characters and their usage
  • Practice writing the extended katakana characters
  • Reading practice using words and phrases with extended katakana characters
  1. Katakana Vocabulary and Phrases:
  • Basic katakana vocabulary and phrases for everyday use
  • Practice writing and reading katakana vocabulary and phrases
  • Listening and speaking practice using katakana vocabulary and phrases
  1. Katakana Reading and Writing Practice:
  • Comprehensive reading and writing practice using all katakana characters
  • Practice reading sentences and paragraphs with mixed katakana and hiragana characters
  • Writing practice with katakana vocabulary and phrases

achievements of the course

  1. Ability to read and write all katakana characters:
  • You will be able to read and write all 46 basic katakana characters and extended katakana characters.
  • You will understand the proper stroke order and pronunciation of each character.
  1. Confidence in using katakana in everyday conversation:
  • You will be able to use katakana characters in everyday conversation and understand katakana words and phrases commonly used in Japanese.
  1. Knowledge of basic katakana vocabulary and phrases:
  • You will learn basic katakana vocabulary and phrases used in Japanese language and culture.
  1. Understanding of the importance of katakana in the Japanese writing system:
  • You will understand the significance of katakana in the Japanese writing system and its role in conveying information.
  1. Increased proficiency in reading and writing Japanese:
  • By mastering the katakana chart, you will be one step closer to becoming proficient in reading, writing, and speaking Japanese. You will have a solid foundation in the Japanese writing system and be able to build upon it to learn more advanced Japanese language skills.

requirements of the course

This course requires a minimum of 4 students to run.

Learn Japanese London reserves the right to withdraw or alter this course. Any participants will receive a full refund in the event that the course does not run.

cancellation policy

Please, read carefully our cancellation policy:

  • You can cancel any private tuition or course up to 14 days upon purchase.
  • Cancellations for any private tuition or course have to be done 14 days before start date.
For example, if you buy a course on the 1st of July you will be able to cancel it by the 14th of July. However, do not forget that your private tuition or course has to be cancelled 14 days in advance to the start date.

students say...

Both hiragana and katakana workshops are highly recommended!! I look forward to learn more Japanese.
chloe harkıns
Excellent workshop. Thoroughly prepared and structured. Our employees loved it !
ıvonete bezerra