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The purpose is to enable students to communicate in a wide range of situations in everyday life. Students will develop a further understanding of Japanese mind set and social etiquette. Also, new Kanjis and Japanese sayings will be introduced.

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  • Planning holiday.
  • Making an excuse.
  • Japanese sayings & proverbs.
  • Tea ceremony & Kimono.
  • Shapes, pattern, Measurement.
  • Health.
  • Irregular rules of Japanese language.
  • Passive form.
  • Expressing incidents(~).
  • とおりに、ように、かどうか.
  • Nominalisation.
  • Kanji (30 kanji).


Students will be able to describe incidents, ask for directions and advice, express or reflect a relationship as well as learning 30 Basic Kanjis and sayings proverbs.

Students will receive a certificate of completion and will be advised for further learning opportunities.


Course book: Minna no Nihongo (shokyu 2) 

Other material: Minna no Nihongo 2 Translation & Grammatical Notes

Basic Kanji Book 500 Vol.1

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Great course, seamless communication, very patient and helpful teacher. Overall very happy!!!.
Bob r.
Good teacher. Very patient and encouraging 🙂
cındy lıng
fınance manager

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