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Japanese Advanced 2

The purpose is to enable students to communicate in a wide range of situations.

Students will develop discussion skills and practice discussing a number of topics with a developed insight into Japanese mind set and culture. Also, new Kanjis and Japanese sayings will be introduced. 

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  • ~てもらえませんか、~ていただけませんか.
  • ~ことにする、~ことになる、~ということだ.
  • ~んじゃない?.
  • ~ちゃう、~とく、~てる.
  • ~のように、~のような、~のようだ、~みたいに/な/だ.
  • ~たら、~た、~たところに/で.
  • ~つもり、~つもりはない.
  • ~って…(topic) 、~…て…、…って…(quoting).
  • ~させられる、~させる.
  • Kanji (50 kanji).


Students will be able to show gratitude, give apologies, explain complicated situations and touch sensitive subjects skilfully, ask for permission & guidance, finding solutions, leave a message as well as learning 50 Basic Kanjis and reaching a number of 250 Kanjis by the end of the course.

Students will receive a certificate of completion and will be advised for further learning opportunities.


Course book: Minna no Nihongo (shokyu 2) 

Other material: Minna no Nihongo 2 Translation & Grammatical Notes

Basic Kanji Book 500 Vol.1

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students say...

Amazing teacher! Structured and fun classes!
I started having Japanese lessons with Learn Japanese London as a complete beginner. Since then I have reached an advanced level and managed to pass Japanese language proficiency test (JLPT 2). I recommend this course without any hesitation!
DANIELA aurel bajan
I attended Yekta’s classes when I first started my degree. I needed extra support for my tutorials, presentations and exams. Without Yekta’s support, I wouldn’t have passed my exams. I am very glad that I attended her classes and learned tips and techniques to excel in Japanese with confidence. Now I am looking forward to use my Japanese language skills to teach new students.
kardelen kursunlu
japanese teachıng assıstant

what is the japan centre in London?

Japan Centre is a place that offers delicious Japanese food in its cafe, various learning materials in its bookshop and many more.