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About Learn Japanese London

Our individual and group classes offer an interesting combination of cultural and lingual tips to the students.  Our communicative approach will encourage you to participate more. Alternative teaching methods and materials will speed up your learning process. You will discover the learning style that suits you best.

Our qualified teachers are Japanese language experts who support you throughout your learning adventure.   Our services include training for  JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test),  GCSE, speech contests and Business Japanese as well as training programs for brand new Japanese teachers.  We take pride in providing our Introductory Workshops, Courses from Beginner to Advanced levels and Private Tuition opportunities.

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Our japanese classes

Our priority is the student needs and learning goals. You will notice the carefully customised lesson plans in all our classes.


Our communicative approach to learning will help you learn.


Active interaction, pair and group activities.

quality books

A wide range of teaching materials and techniques.

good location

Well-equipped, spacious classrooms in central London.


We welcome all levels of students with different learning goals. You might be seeking new business opportunities, travelling to Japan or developing a great interest in anime and manga. Whatever your reason is, you will love discovering Japan’s technology and pop-culture.  It is  high time. Don’t miss it!

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our alumni

Yekta-san is a fantastic tutor, and our lessons have quickly become the highlight if my week. Having some knowledge of Japanese previously, she’s been extremely helpful in getting me back in to the swing of reading and speaking, as well as introducing me to new material.


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