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30 minutes free japanese class!

  • No credit cards requiered
  • No commitments

why us?

Japanese language is closely related to the Japanese culture and requires a good understanding of culture itself. Our course is an interesting combination of both cultural and lingual tips. We teach you different learning styles to support you on the long run.

We offer competitive prices with evening and weekend alternatives, which to fit your busy schedule. Learning is fun with us!

Kids Learning Japanese


Highly skilled and JLPT certified teachers will support your from the begining of your journey.

10 years

Proven 10 years of group and individual teaching experience in Japanese language.


Thousands of students who have attended our classes achieved their learning goals.


Evening and weekend alternatives, which  to fit your busy schedule. 

our school

We provide opportunities to succeed

Our schoold offers a communicative approach to learning and active interaction (pair and group activities).

We also use a wide range of teaching materials and techniques in a well-equipped, spacious classrooms in central London .